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Franchise without car Just £50 p/w ! £99 p/w £105 p/w N/A N/A N/A £95 p/w*
Deposit £115.00 (100% refundable) £150 £125 – £300 (non-refundable) £430 (£250 refundable) £350 (£170 refundable) N/A £250
First Payment Due When 5 pupils are BOOKED into the ADI’s diary £0 in week 1 gradually increasing to £99 in week 4 First 4 weeks half franchise Week 1 and 2 £50. Week 3 and 4 £75. Week 5 and 6 £100. Week 7 and 8 £150. Week 9 onwards £210 Week 1 and 2 £46. Week 3 and 4 £71. Week 5 and 6 £96. Week 7 and 8 £156. Week 9 and 10 £181. Week 11 onwards £210 When 15 pupils are BOOKED into the ADI’s diary (not available for all areas) Immediately, graduated for first 5 weeks
Contract Terms 12 month contract, 1 month notice period With car: 12 month contract, 1 month notice period 12 month contract, 1 month notice period 12 month contract, 2 month notice period 22 week contract, 1 month notice period 12 month contract, 3 month notice period 12 month contract, 1 month notice period
Offers First 5 hours for £56 then 10 hours block booking for £215 10 hours for £99, beginners and novices only (First 6 at the beginning, last 4 on test week) 2 for 1 for the first 2 hour booking. 10 hours – 10% off. 20 hours – 20% off First 10 hours £200. BSM reimburses ADI for £23/hr £2 off per hour for bookings of 6 hours or more. 20% off for 20 hours or more. AA reiumburses ADI for discounts First 5 hours for £56 Students £21.50, or 10 hours for £210
Pupils Provided Free of charge Free of charge Pay as you go customers – no extra charge. Block bookings – extra charge of hourly rate for bookings of 4 hours or more (e.g. £24.50) Additional fee: £20 per pupil £40 per pupil if 5 or more hours booked Additional fee: £20 per pupil £40 per pupil if 5 or more hours booked Free of charge Free of charge
Lesson Price
£24.00 per hour £21 per hour £24.50 per hour. 1st 2 hours £24.50. 10 hours = 10% disc. 20 hours = 20% disc. £25 per hour. £23 for bookings of 10 or more £24 per hour, 5 for £90 10 for £196 5 for £56. £24.50 (Audi A3). £26.50 (Audi Q3) £22.50 per hour
* 4Wheelz will not take on instructors unless they complete a separate part 3 assessment by one of their trainers

Driving School Franchise

Driving Instructors are Needed Urgently

Our fantastic success as the “Most Loved Driving School in the West Midlands” is not without challenges!
We urgently need to expand our elite team of top instructors – and there is ONE more place open to the right candidate. If you say yes to any of the following questions then call us!

Are you an excellent driving instructor, but struggling to find sufficient work in your area?

Are you fed up with paying for an expensive franchise and not getting the benefit of real support or enough pupils for your needs?

Are you considering your options and not sure which way to go?

Come and talk to us about the driving instructor jobs we have available and what a franchise with Rio Driving School can offer you.
You’ll no doubt be very surprised! Our team is small and specialised. You’ll be heavily supported.

Our fees are well below what you might expect to pay, and what you will get in return is enough work to make it more than worth your
while! FREE ADI CPD training is available, along with opportunities to gain qualifications with the IAM and RoSPA.

Call us now on 0800 566 8636 now!

Costs of our driving school franchise

Assuming you’ve got your own training vehicle, then…

For just £75 per week (the equivalent of around 3 hours of driving lessons) Rio will provide you with as many pupils as you need to run a
successful business. We will provide you with a minimum of 5 pupils before you pay us any franchise fee. We believe that it is only fair
that you should earn (and therefore benefit) before we begin charging you anything. There is no cap to the number of pupils which we will
provide you – and no extra charge! All of our driving instructors work in excess of 40 hours per week.

We can really deliver the pupils you need to keep you busy! Just ask for our driving instructor testimonials or ask to speak to them personally!

You’ll also get…

  • Free Professional Uniform (Winter Jacket, Embroidered long sleeve or polo shirts).
  • Free flyers and Business Cards to further promote your business in your area.
  • FREE vehicle decals / magnetics and rooftop box.
  • Personal 1:1 support as well as telephone assistance when required.
  • FREE CPD – to gain further advanced qualifications with RoSPA/IAM.
  • FREE coaching for check test.
  • X3 weeks franchise-free holiday per year.

Sarah’s Testimonial, July 2015


“Before joining RIO I was with a national driving school and getting nowhere. Although they ‘guaranteed’ 50 pupils a year, the reality was half of that and a half full diary.
They tried to manage my diary but I found I was being sent all over the place with no regard to distance, sometimes up to 20 miles away as it ‘looks pretty close’ on a map. Whenever I phoned for help I would talk to someone new with no idea of my situation.
I was only just breaking even and on the brink of giving up.Within a few months of joining RIO I had a full diary.
Paul didn’t make unrealistic promises, he told me that as long as the phone’s ringing I will be looked after. A year a half later and the phone’s still ringing.
I manage my own diary and as RIO is a local business I cover a much smaller area.
I have support when I need it from Paul or my other RIO colleagues and training to further my career progression. I have recently married my partner of over 3 years, something that we would never have been able to do if I hadn’t of grown my business with the help of Paul and RIO.
We had a lovely wedding and a fantastic honeymoon. Just looking now where to celebrate our anniversary next year. I say to any ADI struggling with their business to talk to Paul and join RIO, you wont regret it!”
Sarah TestimonialSarah Testimonial 2