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17 Jul


You can read a selection of driving school reviews about our professional driving instructors and if you have learnt to drive with us, you can scroll to the bottom of this page and leave your feedback – we really appreciate it!

There are hundreds of driving school reviews, here too:

Harry said:
The experience I had with Paul was very good. He brought my driving skills on fast and now I have passed my test.
George (passed 16/11/2017) said:
"Paul really helped me with my test and he got rid of my nerves. I would highly recommend him and his driving school."
Sharn (passed 26/10/2017) said:
"Rio is an amazing company and I've really enjoyed my lessons with Sarah. Fantastic driving school and I would advise anyone to use them. Sarah was helpful, understanding and simply amazing."
Stephen (passed 06/11/2017) said:
"I would 110% recommend Rio driving school. Sarah my instructor was really helpful with everything and helped to keep me calm. Best driving school around!"
Chris (passed 04/11/2017) said:
"I was super-nervous beforehand. I am now buzzing I've passed first time!! There is plenty to develop but that will come with time. I'm looking forward to being a driver!!"
Holly (passed 19/10/2017) said:
"Paul Buckle s a fantastic driving instructor. He makes driving fun to learn. I would highly recommend Paul and Rio Driving School in Lichfield to anyone. He really helped me with my confidence as I never thought I was going to drive. Thank you."
Libby (passed 04/10/2017) said:
“I learnt with Paul Buckle, a super friendly instructor, who put me at ease when learning to drive. Happy to have passed first time with few faults and definitely put it down to Paul’s teaching as he explained each stage thoroughly and has plenty of patience!”
Becky (passed 05/10/17) said:
"Very good, highly recommended for Roy. Persistent, helpful and kind, funny, and good driving instructor."
Paul Fisher said:
"I needed an instructor 6 weeks before my test due to being let down and Rio Driving School helped me out. Prompt response and had me setup with an instructor within 24 hours. I've been having lessons with Gary and he is fab, really helpful, patient and a great instructor. Very highly recommended."
Steph (passed 06/10/17) said:
"Amazing driving instructor. So understanding and supportive. I would recommend to anyone."
Parmjit (passed 20/06/2017) said:
"I'm very happy to pass first time. Roy gave me very good instructions. Thank you so much."
Jorden (passed 18/07/2017) said:
"Roy helped me so much! He showed me how to get 0 faults on my driving test. I strongly recommend him to the new potential drivers. Good luck everybody!"
Reiss (passed 22/08/2017) said:
"5 Star Rated! I would advise any learner to go with Roy. Roy gave me confidence on every lesson. Very good constructive advice!"
Paul Fisher said:
"Roy was very patient with me which was crucial as I am a very nervous person. From start to finish I felt comfortable and at ease and finished with a pass."
Abi (passed 13/09/2017) said:
"5 STARS! I would recommend anyone to Rio. Roy is very patient when I made mistakes. He always gave constructive advice to improve my driving."
Ashleigh (passed 31/07/2017) said:
"Sarah is a lovely instructor. She made me feel welcome and at ease. The way Sarah teaches is great, she made things simple to understand. I highly recommend Rio and Sarah."
Daniel (passed 10/08/2017) said:
"I've been with Rio for a few months and passed my test with the help of two of their instructors. Great people, kind and patient. I would recommend them to anyone."
Zoe (passed 23/09/2017) said:
"I can't believe I passed! Thank you so much to Sarah and her patience, I couldn't have done it without her help."
Tom (passed 13/09/2017) said:
"Rio is a great driving school and Sarah is a great instructor. With her help I passed 1st time."
Colleen (passed 01/09/2017) said:
"Sarah has been an absolute star! I struggled with my confidence and changed instructors regularly. When I started with Sarah she made me feel calm and helped me overcome my nerves. Thanks to her help I passed 1st time"
Ariana (passed 21/09/17 said:
"I would strongly recommend Rio driving school. Paul was very helpful, considerate and supportive. "
Rebecca (passed 14//2017) said:
"Paul is the BEST driving instructor in the World! Patient, kind, ad knows how to get the best out of you. xxx"
James (passed 21/08/2017) said:
"excellent instruction, taught effectively and a pace which was easy to follow but still moved things along fast enough to retain interest".
Lucy (passed 12/09/2017) said:
"Paul was Great. He made me feel super relaxed. He's very easy going."
Ben (passed 13/08/2017) said:
Amazing help, great teaching and really good at helping understanding. Very highly recommended.
Codie (passed her driving test on 08/07/2017) said:
"had an amazing time learning to drive with Paul. I couldn't thank him enough"
Lucy (passed driving test in Lichfield on 08/07/2017) said:
"great Driving School. Would 100% recommend Paul and the company"
Grace (passed driving test on 05/07/2017) said:
"Rio Driving School is a fantastic school to learn with. I highly recommend my instructor, Sarah. She has lots of patience and is a great teacher. Without her I would not of passed!"
Catherine (passed driving test on -3/07/2017) said:
Chris has been extremely patient ever since the beginning and helped me grow in both confidence and ability on the road. Helping keep me calm and relaxed before my test, focus on driving ability and not test routes, and training to an high standard meant I was prepared both for the test (which I was able to pass first time) and future driving. Also, thank you for everything over the last year or so! You've been so patient and helpful all through and I'm grateful for how accommodating and supportive you have been throughout. Thank you!
Paul Fisher said:
"Sarah is an amazing instructor. She helped me get over my fear of driving after being put down and intimidated by other driving instructors. I'm glad I've passed my test but will miss Sarah very much x"
Isobel (passed driving test 23/06/2017) said:
"would definitely recommend. I felt like I learnt a lot very quickly"
Paul Fisher said:
Paul [Fisher] is an excellent driving instructor. He taught me a lot of ways to keep myself safe on the road. He pointed out potential hazards which I had not considered. I managed to pass my crash course and drive well in my test thanks to him. Thanks!
Ben (passed driving test 13/06/2017) said:
Paul [Fisher] is an excellent driving instructor. He taught me a lot of ways to keep myself safe on the road. He pointed out potential hazards which I had not considered. I managed to pass my crash course and drive well in my test thanks to him. Thanks!
Chloe (passed driving test 27/05/2017) said:
"Having driving lessons from the Rio Company has been incredibly helpful. I've received the best support and guidance, which has enabled me to learn to drive."
Chloe (passed driving test 12/05/2017) said:
Sarah has helped me pass both my theory and practical tests successfully. Sarah and Rio have been exceptionally helpful with their online support for the theory test and my weekly lessons with Sarah. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rio
Ruth (passed driving test 25/05/2017) said:
My instructor Sarah was really good and reliable. I am very pleased with the way I was taught
Jack (passed driving test 25/05/2017) said:
Absolutely fantastic! Paul B is the best instructor for anyone. I couldn't fault the driving school one bit. THANK YOU!
Owen (passed driving test on 23/05/2017) said:
My experience with Rio Driving school was second to none. Chris took my experience with driving and developed it for not only test standards but to be able to drive safely anywhere on the open road. Chris’ approach was very relaxing and patient when it came to lessons allowing me to progress and become more comfortable behind the wheel. I’ve had many different experiences with other driving schools and instructors before, but the experience with Chris was the best among many. I would recommend Chris and Rio Driving School 100% as I was supported to and beyond my pass date.
Nadia (passed driving test on 19/05/2017) said:
Roy has been an amazing driving instructor. He is very patient and explains things very well. I can't recommend enough!
Rachael (passed driving test on 09/05/2017) said:
Rio Driving School has been very supportive when I was learning to drive; helping me to pass my test despite my nerves.
Bernie (passed driving test 10/05/2017) said:
Friendly teacher. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive.
Bradley (passed driving test 11/05/2017) said:
Great service, great to be taught by, great teaching. 10 out of 10. Definitely recommend.
Anna said:
Great experience, Paul has been so supportive throughout my entire driving experience. He creates a calm atmosphere and I now feel like I can independently deal with situations.
Eve (passed driving test 08/05/2017) said:
Absolutely amazing experience. Loved learning with Paul as he's so lovely and kind. I would definitely recommend this company.
Oliver (passed driving test 19/04/217) said:
Oliver wrote "Fantastic driving instructor. Attentive and patient. Fantastic driving school. Got me a first time pass"!
Adam Meek said:
Roy was brilliant. I passed my theory and practical car test first time in about 20 lessons. Roy listens very well and has great answers to questions. Thanks Roy!
William Dimon said:
At the start of my first driving lesson I was very nervous, but Roy showed me what to do and now I can't wait to do my next driving lesson. I will recommend this driving school to all of my friends.
Emma Helsby said:
I was very nervous about my first driving lesson but Roy made me feel very confident. I would recommend Roy and Rio Driving School. I am looking forward to my future lessons.
Aaron (passed driving test 18/04/2017) said:
Roy and Rio Driving School have been fantastic from start to finish! I failed my first driving test and Roy took the time to fix any errors and keep my head up! Could not recommend high enough!
Jordan (passed driving test 03/05/2017) said:
I feel relieved upon passing my driving test first time. Compared to how bervous I was 8 months ago. My driving instructor, Roy, really helped me in every aspect of my driving. He constantly corrected my mistakes and advised me. Excellent!
Oliver (passed 19/04/2017) said:
Fantastic driving instructor. Attentive and patient. Fantastic driving school. Got me a first time pass!
katie Perry (passed 03/04/2017) said:
Couldn't have hoped for a better driving instructor. Throughout all driving lessons Roy helped me to calm down . He was patient and easy to talk to! Thank you to Roy Morton. I couldn't have done it without you!
Alex Harvey (passed 27/03/2017) said:
Paul is very friendly and very helpful. He knows a lot about driving and is more than welcome to share his knowledge.
Paige Newman (passed 27/03/2017) said:
Working with Paul has been a great experience. I've grown in confidence and would recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons. Paul put me at ease with hypnosis and I passed my driving test!
Trinity Robinson (passed 21/03/2017) said:
Rio driving school has been amazing when it came to accommodating the right instructor for my needs. I have passed my test with flying colours due to Chris's quality of learning and love for his job which really comes across in lessons. I would highly recommend the school and Chris to anyone beginning to drive! I now love driving again, it has brought me so much freedom and relived so much stress. Thank you so much Rio!
Natasha Steane (passed 22/03/2017) said:
Paul was a great driving instructor. He was very friendly and supportive right from the start. To begin with I was extremely nervous about learning to drive. However, I quickly found out that driving lessons were a lot of fun! Paul always talked to me in a calm manner, he never shouted at me even when I made a serious error. Paul has always been professional with me. He has the patience of a saint and has built my confidence. I have had a great experience, right from the beginning.
Abigail Arndol said:
When I first started my driving lessons I was really nervous. Roy (my driving instructor) was really good at explaining what we covered on the lesson and made me ease up. I look forward to having more driving lessons to build more confidence on my driving.
Rachel Saunders said:
I really enjoyed my driving lessons. I was feeling nervous to begin with but after gaining knowledge and experience I became more confident and I am now looking forward to my driving test
Daniel Mountford said:
Roy was always a pleasure to learn with. I passed my driving test first time! Thanks guys! I will definitely recommend your driving school!
Phoebe (passed on 07/03/2017) said:
Really happy with my driving instructor, I passed my test first time and would recommend Rio Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I was always made to feel at ease on every driving lesson.
Richard (passed on 17/02/2017) said:
I had absolutely no driving experience whatsoever. Roy was very patient with me. Everything was explained thoroughly to me and e got me to an excellent driving standard before I passed my driving test at the first attempt. I would highly recommend Roy for anyone looking for driving lessons.
Olivia (passed on 20/02/2017) said:
Very good driving lessons. Roy taught me a lot in excellent detail. Roy is very friendly and patient and I would definitely recommend him and Rio Driving School to all my friends.
Shanice said:
Passed my test over a year ago and wanted extra lessons to get me back on the roads. My instructor Sarah was excellent, calm, friendly, helpful and well mannered. Sarah taught me different manoeuvre techniques, some of which I could not do previously (despite already passing my test). The motorway driving was a great experience and has built my confidence to go on there independently. Thank you Sarah for helping me to build my confidence in myself and on the roads.
lee tolley said:
I had failed 2 driving tests and decided to change driving schools so I went with rio I was really nervous and never thought I'd pass but with the help off Chris and then Paul I passed with only 5 minors I would recommend rio to anybody who wants to learn to drive they are brilliant and friendly I can not fault them at all
Amy Ballinger (passed 14/04/2015) said:
The whole experience throughout my learning was absolutely great! My instructor Paul Fisher was brilliant! He's friendly, calming, helpful and so easy to get on with. Paul will make you feel comfortable and at ease, he made learning to drive fun and stress free! I would seriously recommend to anyone learning to drive especially nervous drivers, absolutely brilliant!
Reece Cotterill said:
My experience was everything I expected it to be. My driving instructor Roy was supportive, positive and will teach you everything you need to know . I would highly recommend Rio driving school to anyone with all sorts of driving experience they will pass your test
Paul Sheppard said:
After attempting to learn to drive with previous instructors (to no avail), my partner bought me a block of lessons with Paul Fisher after reading reviews of Rio online. Me and Paul hit it off instantly, he was friendly, patient and made it easy to learn, always finding an alternative method to teach me should I be struggling to pick things up. Most importantly though, learning with Paul actually made me ENJOY driving! I knew after only a few lessons that learning with Paul would lead me to finally gain my driving license. Over the next few months he helped me to improve my driving skills at a steady pace and develop the confidence I needed to be able to pass my test at my first attempt. I believe that it is due to Paul's expertise and guidance, that I have succeeded in becoming a driver - something that, at one time, I thought was never going to happen! I would highly recommend Paul and Rio to anyone who is looking to learn to drive!
Stephanie (passed 05/03/2015) said:
"My driving instructor, Roy, made me feel comfortable, when I have been in the car, as I have always been so nervous. He made me feel at ease and my driving has improved hugely as a result of this. Five Star Rating!"
Urvashi (passed 05/03/2015) said:
"Excellent instructor (Kully) - so professional and patient. He made me have confidence and taught me to a very high standard to pass the practical driving test."
Joe (passed 05/02/2015) said:
“I had a brilliant learning experience with Paul Fisher. I’ve been with x2 previous instructors, and they were very poor in comparison. I would, and will recommend Rio to any learner!”
Hanah (passed 04/02/2015) said:
“I loved being taught by Paul. I felt very at ease, especially when I started to feel nervous towards my test!”
Chloe (passed 04/02/2015) said:
“I wouldn’t have passed without Paul; such a good instructor – I would highly recommend to anybody.”
Aneeka (passed 04/02/2015) said:
“Kully has been an amazing driving instructor. He is very patient, polite, and has been a pleasure to work with. He has been very helpful and has helped me to pass my driving test first time. Thank you Kully, you’re the best! x”
Chantelle (passed 26/02/2015) said:
"Fantastic lessons and really patient. Passed first time. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Kully!!"
Ryan (passed 28/02/2015) said:
"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Rio. My instructor, Neil, was excellent and helped me pass first time."
Matt (passed 27/02/2015) said:
"Paul was a fantastic instructor. Always calm and a pleasure to drive with."
Ashley (passed 26/02/2015) said:
"Possibly one of the best instructors around. Paul taught me a lot! After a year with a different driving instructor, I still wasn't ready for a test! I recommend Paul at Rio to anyone!!"
Matty (passed 26/02/2015) said:
“I have enjoyed every single driving lesson and improved week on week and passed first time thanks to the help of Sarah”
Lucy (passed 26/02/2015) said:
"I would highly recommend having lessons with Paul at Rio as his lessons are very relaxed and he puts your mind at ease."
Alex (passed 25/02/2015) said:
“I would recommend Rio for a superb job of helping me pass my driving test and overcoming my nervousness from the beginning. I have recommended Rio to a lot of my friends all of them are getting the same results as me.”
John (passed 25/02/2015) said:
"A very good driving instructor with lots of experience which put me on the right track! Wuppy!!”
Rebecca (passed 24/02/2015) said:
“I passed my driving test first time with Paul at Rio. Highly recommended. Brilliant instructor.”
Laura (passed 21/02/2015) said:
“Kully is an excellent driving instructor. He really helped me with my nerves. I would definitely recommend Kully at Rio Driving School.”
Beth Peach said:
After learning to drive for a few years with a previous driving instructor, I made a massive improvement when I started learning to drive with Rio in both my driving and my confidence. I passed my test first time! Thank you Rio!
Ethan (passed 16/02/2015) said:
I passed my driving test first time thanks to the brilliant, relaxed and thorough tuition received through Rio. Fantastic!
Brad (passed 05/02/2015) said:
Paul Buckle from Rio made me feel at ease, was very professional, and easy-going, came highly recommended. Every lesson was an enjoyable experience. Will recommend to all!
Balpreet (passed 06/02/2015) said:
Kubir was a really good driving instructor. I am really thankful for his patience with me. I was very nervous about driving, and he put me at ease immediately and was very experienced at his job.
Erika (passed 04/02/2015) said:
I am very pleased with my instructor, Roy. He is very good at explaining all the rules and procedures. Thank you so much! I will recommend to anyone xxx
Laura (passed 07/02/2015) said:
Sarah has been patient throughout all of my lessons. She's helped me feel confident and able to drive safely
Dominic (passed 29/01/2015) said:
I was very happy with Rio Driving School. I received excellent tuition from Paul, who taught me how to drive, not just how to cope through the driving test. I would highly recommend this driving school.
Charlie (passed 9/10/2014) said:
I am so happy with this driving school! Chris has been amazing! Definitely recommend 2 lessons per week as that led me to pass 1st time! Thank you Chris and the rest of Rio!
Clare (passed 6/11/2014) said:
Enjoyable experience – which I wasn’t expecting. Can’t actually believe Chris kept me calm and taught me to drive – at my old age! Thank you so much Rio!
Ellyn (passed 22/10/2014) said:
Friendly and enjoyable driving lessons with a kind driving instructor who really helped me to build up my confidence as a driver.
Marcela (passed 12/09/2014) said:

I feel very privileged to join the group of learners who passed their driving test first time, as only 4 or 5 people in every 10 come out with a Pass Certificate first time round.

My previous driving instructor had told me I was ‘unteachable’, way too nervous, tearful and insecure to make good decisions on the road. Paul Fisher rose to the challenge, asking only for two things: my trust and all the effort I could put in.

He was not intimidated by my frantic and erratic steering at roundabouts due to sheer panic. He patiently drew routes on his whiteboard, marked my hands with red pen dots if I missed a mirror check or signal, gave me directions in Spanish (my native tongue), taught me commentary driving techniques and used hypnosis therapy to help me build the skills needed for driving safely.

He showed me how, where and when to move the car in as many ways possible until I got it, like only true teachers do. This Certificate is just as much an achievement on my part as it is on his. Without his infinite patience, vision, imagination and resolve, I would have been forever bound to a passenger seat.

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