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Driving Lessons with Rio Driving School

If you’re looking for a high quality elite driving school or a driving instructor local to you that will cater to your specific needs, you don’t need to look any further; Rio Driving School is for you. We pride ourselves in providing candidates with the best driving lessons possible from one of the best driving schools the Midlands have to offer.

We teach everyone to drive including:

  • People who are extremely ANXIOUS/NERVOUS about learning to drive

  • People who have taken their driving test more than 5 times and not succeeded in passing yet

  • People who need evening/weekend driving lessons

  • People with some kinds of learning difficulties

  • People who need driving lessons in a foreign language

Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons

Learning to drive in a manual car is not for everyone, so we give you the option to choose to take lessons in a manual or automatic car. People choose to learn in an automatic for a variety of reasons from those who have had lessons before and struggle with the gears, to people with disabilities or those who are nervous. Learning in an automatic car is often considered easier and may make it quicker to get ready for your test. We provide automatic driving lessons in Walsall, Wolverhampton and Willenhall.

What we do is

Provide a short training course (typically 40 hours for complete beginners or less for more experienced novice drivers). We use the latest driver coaching skills and some psychological training, so that by the end of the first driving lesson with us, you’re already feeling much calmer.

And this means

You can drive confidently and remain safe on the road. Typically 9 out of 10 people pass their test first time with us. Just imagine all the benefits of being able to drive WHERE you want, WHEN you want!

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Our Awards

We have won ‘Most Loved Driving School’ award for the last 6 years!!

Most Loved 2019
The Best Of - Category Winner 2019
Most Loved 2018
Most Loved 2017
The Best Of - Category Winner 2019
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Theory Test Tools!

Are you studying for your Car Theory Test?  Sign up here for your FREE account with us.  You’ll have everything you need to pass your Hazard Perception and Theory Test exams! Don’t delay – do it now because you can’t take your practical car test until you have got over this hurdle!!

Free Theory Test Training

Driving Lesson Costs


If you’re completely new to driving then why not take advantage of our special introductory offer – 5 lessons for just £80. This offer is excellent value.  In effect, you get your very first lesson completely FREE and pay just £20 each for the remaining four lessons.

Please note that £80 must be paid upfront to take advantage of this special offer.  If you’re already experienced at driving, then please refer to our standard prices or block book with us and receive our best deal!

Standard Lesson Prices

If you’re not block booking your lessons with us, then the standard price for a lesson is £27 for one hour of tuition.  This price is a lot less than other national driving schools.

Block Book & Save

You can take advantage of 10 lessons at the discounted price of £250 for 10 sessions – that is £250 for 10 whole hours of learning. After these initial 10 hours, your lessons will be £27 pay as you go, if you don’t want to carry on with another block booking for £250. This is still great value in comparison to other driving schools in the West Midlands.

Are you looking for a high quality, local driving school?

We understand that having driving schools or driving instructors close to you is an important factor when choosing an instructor; this is why Rio Driving School aims to provide driving tuition to many individuals across a number of locations. All of our instructors match the high standard of teaching that we promise you, and every driving lesson is backed with our “No shouting Guarantee”!!