Are you looking to become a driving instructor? We provide a professional and expert training program that will ensure your successful pursuit in becoming a driving instructor. We take people from the basics all the way through to the most advanced levels. We believe that our driving instructor training is one of the best courses within the West Midlands.

How to become a driving instructor?

With our training course, becoming a driving instructor could never be easier. The training course that we provide will help you towards passing your driving instructor test. We plan all lessons out so that you will see what you will be learning in that specific driving instructor lesson.

Benefits of being a driving instructor

There is a variety of different reasons why being an instructor is very rewarding. Here are some of the main reasons why we love being driving instructors.

  • Gaining a new skill – Obtaining new skills and growing your knowledge base is always a good feeling.

  • Be able to start your own business – Being your own boss is a great position to be in. You can plan your own day and be in charge of an ever growing driving school.

  • Watch pupils progress through their training – Watching the progression of students is a wonderful thing to witness, especially when they pass.

  • Gain a personal connection with pupils to guide them through the skills needed to drive – Getting to know your pupils will allow you to understand how they learn. By doing this you will be helping pupils grow their knowledge as well as make them a safer driver.

  • Teaching is a great feeling to have – Teachers always say they love training people to achieve their goals. With this job you will have that feeling all of the time.

What it is like to be a driving instructor?

Here is what our driving instructors have to say about teaching other people to drive.

I have been an ADI for over 7 years and with Rio for 5 of them. I was nervous about joining a small driving school to start with but Paul was very easy to get along with and was honest about what to expect. Since joining Rio I have never looked back! I had a full diary very quickly and have been busy ever since, working within a few miles of my home. Even with Rio expanding to include more instructors I always feel looked after and if I need new pupils there are always some available. Led by Paul we work as a team and there is always someone ready to help with any queries or problems.

Sarah Mabbley

I never get tired of teaching pupils how to drive. It’s a great honour and I really appreciate each and every lesson. I like getting to know all of my students because personalising lessons for pupils makes it more enjoyable for them. I would say to anyone that is considering becoming a driving instructor to go for it.

Paul Fisher

Driving instructor courses

The driving instructor courses that we provide are bespoke and are tailored to each learner. As we are an ADI approved driving school we know what it takes to make an exceptional driving instructor. We provide instructor training courses in the West Bromwich, Cannock, Sutton Coldfield, Hednesford, Lichfield, Walsall, Wednesbury, Wolverhampton, Featherstone and surrounding areas.

How do I apply?

If you would like to know more about our driving instructor courses please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 566 8636 or complete the form below.

For more information or to start your training please call
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