Jonathan was a fantastic driving instructor, really friendly always made me feel calm, his ways of teaching were really good, I looked forward to every lesson with him. Jonathan was just as nervous as me taking my test and felt like I really made him proud passing first time! Would highly recommend Jonathan to everyone.

Ben S – October 2020

I have had a fair few lessons with instructor John now and have made noticeable progress in less than 10 lessons, where I had 26 previously. John is a great instructor for anxious drivers and makes everything crystal clear. Having a good laugh while learning, really puts you at ease and boosts your condifence behind the wheel.

Rhiannon W – October 2020

I want to thank my instructor Lee for helping me to pass my test! After two failed tests I decided to find a new instructor and Lee was able to improve my confidence immensely in just a few weeks with his excellent teaching and patience. I highly recommend this driving school for new drivers or drivers like me who had needed a new instructor after losing confidence. Again thank you to Lee for getting me through it.

Lee M  – October 2020

Rio Driving School is the best driving school ever. Thank God I passed my test from the first attempt. My instructors Seema and peter are brilliant. They are so patient, respectful and professional. Definitely, I recommend Rio Driving School for everyone. Thank you sooo much.

Sarah E  – October 2020

Had my first Driving lesson today with John, and must say after initially feeling really nervous it wasn’t long before John made me feel at ease, comfortable and confident. Thank you for making my first lesson enjoyable. I would highly recommend.

Courtney C  – October 2020

Ive had my first few driving lessons with john and hes a wonderful instructor who made me so calm and comfortable from the moment i got in the car. If u r anxious about driving, I cant recommend him enough!!!

Larni C  – October 2020

I have had a few lessons with Roy so far, very informative and enjoyable.

Leon J  – October 2020

It was simple to book a lesson and Chris has been giving me patient and excellent instruction, building up my knowledge and confidence at a pace I’m comfortable with. I’m excited to keep learning and would definitely recommend this school!

Marcus B  – October 2020

Hi Paul hope all good with you mate? Just want to thank you again for changing our lives for the better, its been the most amazing week so far, Becky and I went to pick a car today , I wanted to have a Ford Fiesta like yours so I’m used to it but looked into it and needed more space in the back for 3 growing children so we decided on a Ford Focus. Thought would have to buy a cheep old car but we found out on Monday that we qualify for a Mobility car due to Imogen’s special needs. So we went to a Ford dealer this morning and saw a great sales man at Ford Penkridge. We chose a Ford Focus ST Edition, we will now be going places in style from now on. We can now enjoy life and have fun adventures. 😁 Its a bit of a boy racer car which I didn’t want but also a great family car and I’m going to be extra careful. We pick it up next Wednesday 🙂 Will be needing motorway lessons for sure soon. Thank you so much, your like a brother to me mate your amazing mate 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙂 ❤
Thank you Paul, we are over the moon, its all because of you Paul, fantastic top bloke/ excellent driving instructor and the best mate a guy could have. I really owe you big time, we can really enjoy life now, no more buses trains or having to get lifts anyway, we have now got independence. I really thought I was doomed to walk everywhere and struggle, now I can enjoy the open road in comfort and seeing my children’s faces light up with they have a lift in the back of the car with Dad driving. Mate I’m almost in tears writing this. BIG THANK YOU PAUL 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️

Simon, Sep 2020

Had my first lesson with Roy and for the whole 2 hours he was really helpful and made me feel comfortable for my first lesson.

Ryan S  – September 2020

My first lesson with Roy was fantastic. Roy made me feel comfortable whilst teaching me plenty of important pointers. As I have had instructors in the past, Roy has demonstrated an efficiency with assessing my diving abilities and identifying the areas I needed to improve on. I would highly recommend this instructor.

JP  – September 2020

Passed my test today; first time with two minors all thanks to my amazing instructor Gary Bennett. I started with no previous experience and it took around 4 months to get up to test standard. Gary was exceptional; really knowledgeable and most importantly patient! He gave me the knowledge and the confidence I needed to pass and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. & on a personal note from me, I honestly mean every word and really appreciate all your hard work Gaz, I will be in touch over the coming days to arrange pass plus, just going to take the weekend to celebrate haha.

Nyala M  – August 2020

Gary has converted me from a very nervous driver to someone who drives with confidence, no anxiety and energy. When I first started my lessons I struggled to get up to high speeds, navigate roundabouts and hill starts. Non of these things are an issue for me and my achievement of passing with only five minors in my opinion would not have been possible without Gary’s support, patience and guidance.

Michaela B  – July 2020

Had two double lessons with Roy so far. His help me a lot with the nerves and made the driving fun, would highly recommend for a new driver.

Leah A – July 2020

Roy has helped me massively with my confidence behind the wheel, he is very friendly and professional and has helped me to improve. I am very pleased with the quality of lessons that he provides! Highly recommend.

Laura V – July 2020

Gary is very relaxing and makes you feel completely comfortable while learning to drive. He makes you feel at ease and confident when learning, which makes a massive difference. I only had around 20+ hours of driving and gained only 3 driver faults while sitting my test. I would highly recommend Gary as he is a fab instructor and a genuine, down to earth person.

Livvy H – March 2020

I had my first driving lesson with Sarbjit (Roy) yesterday. After having 2 previous instructors from other driving companies, I am already at ease and less nervous. Looking forward to more lessons. Thank you Roy.

Hannah S – March 2020

My experience as a student of RIO driving school has been an extremely positive one. Lessons are well structured to optimise progress whilst maintaining what has been learnt in previous lessons. Instruction, when required, is always clear and the lessons are conducted in such a manner that keeps driving as safe as possible, even when encountering unfamiliar scenarios whilst on the road. Once I started becoming more confident and gained experience as a driver, my instructor gradually decreased the frequency of prompts, resulting in improvements to my decision making and awareness. During and after lessons my instructor helps me to self-evaluate and identify both the positives and the aspects of my driving which could be improved upon, allowing me to become a more confident, and therefore safer, driver. Overall, lessons are meticulously structured in order to maximise learning and improvement so that the pupil becomes as good a driver as they can possibly be, but are also designed to ensure safety for both instructor and pupil at all times. This makes for a fantastic learning experience overall, with which I am very pleased and would no doubt recommend to anyone interested in learning to drive in the near future.

Aaron S – February 2020

Rio has really helped me to develop as a young driver and gain in confidence when driving and in preparing me for driving once I’ve passed my test. They do this in a calm and caring way and take you through at your own pace and take you through your mistakes and make sure that you improve from them.

Thomas D – February 2020

Had an amazing instructor Sarah. She supported me with the drive and also made me feel relaxed while I was driving. I am happy that I passed with her help.

James W – February 2020

Sarah is an excellent driving instructor, she not only covers the technical side of driving but explains how it can affect real life situations by using her own experience. She gives me opportunity as a nervous driver to understand all that I am doing and this has really brought up my confidence! I would recommend her to everyone!

Nancy R – February 2020

Sarah from Rio has helped my driving leaps and bounds. Her calm, clear and fin instructions mean I’m more confident and comfortable with my driving than ever and I actually look forward to them each week!

Beccy R – February 2020

Sarah is a very patient instructor who is very informative. I am a slow learner and she makes me feel comfortable even if I go wrong. When I do go wrong, Sarah explains exactly where I went wrong so I know what I should have done.

Libby – February 2020

Sarah my instructor always makes me feel comfortable on my lessons as I was really nervous to start my driving and she’s made the whole experience enjoyable.

Jade – February 2020

Rio has been really helpful whilst I’ve been learning to drive. My instructor Sarah has been amazing with the constructive criticism which has helped me improve a lot. I’d recommend Rio to anyone.

Bradley M – February 2020

Such a great understanding company. I am really enjoying my experience with Rio.

Ellie S – February 2020

Driving instructor Chris is very patient and understanding with me being a new learner driver, he always asks questions and is very clear with what we are learning each lesson and ensures I understand what to do. So far my lessons have had no problems and have been consistent.

Hannah L – February 2020

Gary is a good teacher with a lot of patience and he will learn you everything you need to know to pass your test. Before the end of every lesson he will tell you where your going wrong and things you need to improve to make you a better driver. He’s also a genuine nice bloke and I appreciate the time and effort he invested in me.

Frankl L – January 2020

Helpful and provided confidence and patience to a first time driver.

Farran S – January 2020

Highly recommended I done mine with Paul he’s a great bloke made me feel comfortable, I got along with him really well.

Joshua C – January 2020

I chose Gary because he was recommended to me be a work college. He was a brilliant instructor. He was so reassuring and patient when I didn’t have the best of days, he was flexible with days and times and we also planned weeks in advance to make life easier as I work full time. If it wasn’t for Gary teaching me the safe and right way to drive I don’t think I could have succeeded. I would highly recommend Gary. Thank you so much for the help!

Anca I – January 2020

A friendly, patient and encouraging instructor that makes you feel at ease when you step into the car. I would recommend Gary to anyone that is looking to start driving lessons. He is also very accommodating as he will pick you up from home or your place of work for your lessons.

Charlie W – January 2020

Roy made my first lesson very understanding he explained every thing clear I am glad I pick Rio for my lessons.

Nathaniel B – January 2020

Really good lesson and driving instructor.

Chloe G – January 2020

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Lee was so patient and always on the ball with giving advice. As a person who hides their nerves, Lee still managed to put me at ease and was beyond helpful. Coming from another instructor to this one, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!!

Zoe K – January 2020

Very productive first lesson. Roy explained the basics very nicely.

Renuka J – January 2020

A great lesson. I really learnt a lot and he clearly explained everything. Thank you.

Gift E – January 2020

I can’t thank Sarbjit enough for all the time and effort he has put in with me. Great guy, amazing instructor, highly recommend.

Jonathan G – January 2020

Sarbjit made me feel very confident and I learnt more in one lesson that I had before. Very happy.

Lucy I – January 2020

After having bad experiences with two prior instructors I had very little confidence and was stuck in a rut. My instructor (Gary) was recommended to me by a family member, and from the very first lesson in the car I felt I had improved. My confidence continued to grow until I was test ready. I am very grateful to my instructor (Gary) for all of the support, patience and encouragement I received through out my lessons and for instilling confidence in me when I had very little. Worth every penny.

Rhi R – January 2020

Laid back, easy to understand lessons allowing for easy and fast progression, wouldn’t want to learn from anyone else.(Chris)

Callum H – December 2019

Thanks to Chris at Rio Driving School Willenhall I was finally able to pass my driving test, Chris was unbelievably patient with me and extremely nice when you did something wrong and was always happy to show you again and again how to do it right. I would highly recommend Chris and Rio Driving School. 5 STARS.

James H – December 2019

Paul was great in helping our daughter, at short notice, on her way to test success.

Karen R – November 2019

Chris was my driving instructor for just over two years. He was amazingly supportive, great to banter with and had the patience of a saint at times! I really enjoyed learning to drive with him and he has made me a confident and competent driver. I would recommend this driving school to others.

Tasha R – November 2019

If you are looking for the best driving School, you don’t need to look any longer, because this is the best driving school. My experience with Paul was quite the journey. He did taught me with the greatest patience ever, always reassuring me when I made mistakes and also making sure I was ok. He listened to my feedback and advised me on where I needed to improve, whether it was reverse parking or always checking the mirrors before signalling, Paul was there to guide me throughout the whole process. There aren’t enough words to thank him and the school for all the knowledge I have learnt. You will gain the skills of a lifetime. I am so glad I chose this school to teach me how to drive!

Adriani S – November 2019

Peter Chopra fantastic instructor, calm and respectful. Would recommend him to anyone that is in need of a driving instructor. Thanks mate for helping me pass.

James B – October 2019

Passed my driving test, absolutely buzzing, can’t thank my driving instructor Peter Chopra enough for his guidance and hard work in teaching and would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn!!

Sheemar A – October 2019

Very good driving instructor. 100% recommended. Great to work with Paul, helpful with everything.

Dominik W – October 2019

Thank you to my fantastic tutor Peter Chopra, amazing and patient, thoroughly enjoyed my time driving with him and utterly grateful for everything he has taught me. Will miss him lots now that I’ve passed 🙂

Alanna A – October 2019

I have enjoyed my first lesson after years of putting it off. I felt very comfortable with Roy and I am looking forward to my next lesson!

Jennie L – October 2019

Just passed my test first time with Rio Driving School and with Peter Chopra as my instructor who has been brilliant!! Would highly recommend 🙂

Charlotte A – October 2019

Had Paul as my driving instructor for just under 10 months. Absolutely amazing! So patient and understanding, explains everything clear and pushed me to be the best I can be. Couldn’t of passed without you! Thank you Paul!

Sophie H – August 2019

Excellent lessons and amazing instructor. Passed first time.

Venue C – July 2019

Thank you to Peter Chopra for all his help and his honest opinions, he’s the best instructor you could ever need I really would recommend him to everyone. Thanks again.

David A – July 2019

5* Great instructor, helped me pass fast. I only started driving in February and managed to pass by July. Made to feel comfortable when learning to drive and great flexibility for lesson times/dates. Explains everything in easy ways which help you understand, I was a very nervous driver but Gary helped me gain confidence and didn’t pressure me in any way. Would 100% recommend to anyone learning to drive!

Dylan S – July 2019

I can’t thank Paul Fisher enough for his endless help and support, he put me at ease from the very beginning and never stopped believing in me. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive & will 100% be recommending Rio Driving School.

Georgia M – July 2019

Very good teaching skills. Tells you what you need to do and how to do it in a simple way that is easy to understand with no nonsense like many other instructors. Doesn’t make you have unnecessary lessons either. I failed on a small thing and Gary told me I didn’t need any more lessons just an hour to practice before the test. My wife’s instructor made her book more lessons every week. Highly recommend, five stars.

Arshad K – July 2019

I am rating Rio 5 stars because my instructor Chris is very helpful and understanding.

Olivia J – June 2019

I passed my test first time!!!! The pass is all thanks to my instructor Gary and his endless patience…..he is incredibly calm and supportive and never ever gets annoyed at mistakes just simply tells you it’s ok and talks you through it. I had an awful experience and wasted a lot of money on a previous instructor dreaded lessons and cried lots I changed to Gary after not having a lesson for 12 weeks and not having much experience and in less than 8 weeks of learning I passed. I used to dread lessons and be incredibly nervous to the point of being ill but I’ve loved every one of them. Gary’s encouragement and belief that you CAN do it is infectious you start to believe you can. Everything is explained thoroughly and you can ask him to explain again its never a problem. I cannot recommend this wonderful man enough if you’re nervous or think you’ll never pass then book Gary because he will get you through. THANK YU GARY!! you’ll forever be a legend to me xxx

Lisa S – June 2019

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