If you have been searching for driving lessons in Wolverhampton then you will be delighted that you have just found the 2020 UK’s most loved driving school.

Our driving school will see your paired up with one of the best driving instructors in the Wolverhampton area. You will benefit from our local knowledge as you learn to drive.

We pride ourselves on having a pass rate well above the national average. If you are looking to combine passing your test with the minimum number of lessons, with the building of a safe driving foundation that will see you confidently driving into the future then please choose Rio Driving School.

Are you looking for a driving instructor in Wolverhampton?

We provide manual and automatic lessons in modern cars that are equipped with dual controls for your safety while you are learning to drive.

Our fully insured training vehicles are accompanied by a driving instructor that has received training to the RoSPA advanced driving standards. These are much higher than the minimum standards achieved by most driving instructors so you can be confident that you will be leaning from the very best driving instructors in the West Midlands.

Our driving instructors regularly attend additional Continuous Professional Development courses to ensure you are being to taught to the latest guidelines. We can also help you learn to drive on the actual routes that are most commonly used for driving tests in Wolverhampton.

Why choose Rio Driving School?

We have been providing driving lessons in Wolverhampton for many years and know the area well, we pride ourselves in tailoring our lessons to each individual pupil. We recognise that some people learn to drive quickly while others prefer to learn at a steady pace that suits them. Which is why our driving instructors tailor each lesson to the way you learn.

While you learn in our pristine and safe cars, we like to conduct mock driving tests to familiarise you with the process so that it feels completely natural to you on test day.

This also gives us the opportunity to spot any driver errors that you may need to correct to help ensure that you pass your driving test on the first attempt.

If you are looking for intensive driving lessons, advanced driving lessons such as defensive driving or need a little extra help, having failed your first attempt at your driving test we can help.

Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons

We offer both manual and automatic lessons, the choice is yours. There are lots of reasons that you may choose to learn in an automatic, you may worry or struggle with the gears in a manual car, you may have a disability or you may just prefer an automatic. One thing you must keep in mind is that if you pass your test in an automatic car your licence does not permit you to drive a manual one.

Personalised tuition

Rio Driving School’s instructors offer personalised driving lessons as we believe each pupil is unique. We are specialists at helping nervous and anxious drivers learn to drive and are committed to changing what you believe could be an overwhelming experience into one that you will enjoy as we help you build your confidence behind the wheel.

Our high success rate with nervous drivers should reassure you of your choice and we are confident that we can help drivers of all ages and abilities to learn to drive. We also understand that the time you spend with your driving instructor is incredibly important to you. So, we promise that our 1 hour driving lessons will include a complete hour of tuition.

Should unforeseen traffic delays occur then we promise to let you know and will either add the lost time onto the end of your lesson or refund the cost of the lesson if you prefer?

How much do driving lessons cost?

We are committed to providing value for money and if you are completely new to driving we would like to offer you our “Beginners Deal“. You get your first 5 hours of driving lessons for just £115.*

Our standard rate for 1 hours tuition after this is just £28 pay as you go (manual driving lessons).  
If you are a savvy shopper then you may like to book a block of lessons and prepay them in exchange for a discounted price.

If you pre-book a block of lessons then you will save up to £1.50 per hour and with the DVSA recommending 45 hours of driving lessons for new drivers you could save a lot of money on your driving course.  Gift vouchers are also available.

*Manual driving lessons only. Novice driver must not have had any driving experience whatsoever.

Driving lesson prices (correct at 01 September 2020):
* “Beginners Deal” for complete beginners to driving (never driven at all before) – First 5 hours for £115, then…
* £28 for 1 hour
* £42 for 1.5 hours
* £55 for 2 hours
* £265 for 10 hours (lessons are £26.50/hr this way)
* £30 for 1 hour
* £45 for 1.5 hours
* £60 for 2 hours
* £285 for 10 hours (Lessons are £28.50/hr this way)
First 5 driving lessons in Wolverhampton for only £80

Book Driving Lessons

If you have any questions or would like to book lessons please call 0800 566 8636 or complete the form below.

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