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Driving Lessons in Featherstone

15 Dec


Preparing to start Driving Lessons in Featherstone?

The Most Loved driving school in the UK 2016 is now offering its fantastic driving lessons in Featherstone. If you are looking for great quality driving lessons you are best off calling Rio Driving School.
At Rio Driving School we pride ourselves on having a pass rate that is well beyond the national average. If you are looking for a reliable, patient and safe driving school with a lot to offer; Rio Driving School is the place to look.

Our customers have the opportunity to learn with some of the best driving instructors in the area. Our instructors are not only familiar with the local area but are qualified and patient teachers. By choosing Rio Driving School you will be paired with an instructor that will not only get you prepared for passing your driving test, but will ensure you are familiar with the local area.

Choose the best Driving Instructor?
We understand more than anyone, that your safety is of paramount importance and we ensure that we live up to our fantastic reputation. All of our lessons take place in modern test vehicles which have dual controls for your safety.

All of our driving instructors in Featherstone, Wolverhampton, Lichfield and surrounding areas have been trained to a high standard that meets the RoSPA advanced driving standard. This level is well beyond the average standard of other driving schools in the region. So you know you’re getting the best possible lessons the West Midlands has to offer.

As well as being in line with the RoSPA advanced driving standards, our instructors regularly aim to improve their service and quality by attending Continuous Professional Development courses (CPD courses).

Having that personal touch when learning to Drive
We believe each student holds a unique quality. Unlike other driving instructors we treat every student with respect and care, and cater our lessons according to their individual requirements. The number of lessons you have before your test is entirely down to you; we always work with our customers in a manner that suits their requirements: some may choose to learn slowly, others may prefer a more intense pace of learning.

We offer mock tests to help you feel more comfortable and prepared on the big day; this method allows you and us to see what you can do well and which areas you may need more support in.

We specialise and help nervous and anxious drivers, particularly ones who have had a bad experience with other driving schools. Featherstone is one of our many locations in which we cater to the driving needs of pupils of all abilities, ages and walks of life. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and happy behind the wheel of a car, even if you don’t believe it possible; we try our best to make that dream a reality.

So, how much are driving lessons going to cost me?
As well as being one of the best quality driving schools, we are also very good value for money compared to other driving instructors in the area. Lessons can be very expensive and can sometimes be a drain on your financial resources. At Rio Driving School we aim to make the experience of driving extremely pleasant and enjoyable. For only £27 you will get a driving lesson personalised for your needs from a highly qualified instructor.

The cost of joining Rio Driving School will not be an expensive endeavour on your part.  If you’re completely new to driving, you can have your first 5 driving lessons for just £80*  Our normal ‘pay as you go’ rate for a high quality driving lesson is just £27 per hour, which is cheap compared to many other National driving schools.

If you wish to treat a friend or family member with some lessons you know they would enjoy and benefit from, you can purchase Rio Driving School gift cards which can be put towards lessons.

On top of this we will give you an extra £2.00 off each lesson if you pre-book multiple driving lessons. Considering that the DVSA recommend a minimum of 45 hours of driving experience, our driving lessons offer is perfect for you and all your loved ones. You can save a lot of money on your entire driving course by block booking with Rio Driving School.  Call us for details today!

To book your first lesson or to speak to a friendly member of staff please call us on 0800 566 8636.

*includes first free driving lesson.  First 5 lessons for £80 is only applicable to complete beginners to driving.