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Driving Lessons in West Bromwich

17 Jul

West Bromwich

At Rio Driving School we offer driving lessons in West Bromwich at an affordable price. Our driving lessons have seen recognition in 2016 as we were awarded the title of the UK’s most loved driving school and we would be delighted for you to become our next success story.

The driving lessons that we provide will give you all of the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to pass your driving test. We offer a range of lessons that include lessons for those who want to pass their driving test and lessons for those who have failed their first test and need our professional help to fine tune their skills.

We also offer advanced driving lessons in West Brom for drivers who have passed their DVSA test and would like to learn more, such as defensive driving techniques.

Are you considering Driving Lessons in West Bromwich?

If you are considering driving lessons in West Bromwich then our team are here for you. Our local driving instructors in West Bromwich have successfully trained many customers and we are proud to have produced a pass rate that is much higher than the national average.

Our driving instructors have been trained to RoSPA advanced driving standards and these greatly exceed the driving standards set out for instructors by the DVSA.

Our driving instructors in West Bromwich also regularly attend Continuous Professional Development courses to ensure that our standards and quality of tuition exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Our driving school really is the perfect choice for you. Would you like to learn to drive in modern vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta fitted with dual controls to allow you to learn safely and at ease?

To help you learn to drive and understand the elements you need to know in order to pass your driving test, we regularly conduct mock driving tests as part of your driving plan. These mock driving tests can be enjoyed on the most common routes used by examiners so you will not only be completely familiar with your local roads but we can spot and help you correct any driving errors that might have prevented you from achieving a pass the first time you take your test.

Bespoke Lessons

Rio Driving School also offers bespoke driving lessons in West Bromwich. As the regional specialists for nervous or anxious drivers, we will take the time to create tailor-made lessons that will help you build your confidence step-by-step.

We can empathise completely with nervous drivers and we understand that you may find the whole prospect of learning to drive overwhelming. But, we know that they are driven in pursuit to find the driving freedom others enjoy and so we promise we will never shout and will encourage you to enjoy your lessons and not put too much pressure on yourself.

From learning the controls and pedals to making your first manoeuvres we will be there with you every step of the way, ensuring that you drive safely and gain the knowledge and experience you need to pass your driving test in West Bromwich.

What will Driving Lessons Cost?

You may now ask what will driving lessons in West Bromwich cost? We are committed to providing value for money and we would like to give you your first driving lesson for free (if you’re completely new to driving.)
Your first 5 driving lessons with Rio Driving School will only cost £80* and our standard rate for 1 hours tuition after this is just £27.
If you are a savvy shopper then you may like to book a block of lessons and prepay them in exchange for a discounted price.
If you prebook a block of lessons then you will receive a discount of £2.00 per hour and with the DVSA recommending 45 hours of driving lessons for new drivers you could a lot of money on your driving course.  Gift vouchers are also available for driving lessons in West Bromwich. To book your first driving lesson call us today on 0800 566 8636

*includes first free driving lesson.  First 5 lessons for £80 is only applicable to complete beginners to driving.