Since 2007, if you drive a vehicle for work purposes (even your own car) – you must be risk assessed by a fleet driver trainer every 12 months. Failure to do so can result in a custodial sentence if you are involved in a road traffic accident. (2007 amendment, Health & Safety at Work Act)

In Britain, the cost of road traffic accidents is estimated at over £2bn per year.

Research indicates that about 20 people are killed and 250 seriously injured every week in crashes involving someone who was driving, riding, or otherwise using the road for work purposes.

Source: Health and Safety Executive / Department for Transport

If you are a fleet manager, you can also face a custodial sentence for failing to ensure that your drivers have been properly risk assessed.

Fleet Driver Training Pays for Itself:

Aside from covering your legal health and safety obligations, fleet driver training can pay for itself in a number of ways. Add up all the savings – and see why Fleet Driver Training is highly beneficial!

  • Reduced fuel costs

    If your drivers cover an average of 40,000 miles per year, each of them could save you £200 per year if they reduced their fuel consumption by just 5%.

  • A reduction in annual maintenance costs

    The average cost of maintaining a vehicle is around 30p per mile. Fleet driver training could result in a saving of up to 15% over a three year period. If your drivers cover an average of 40,000 miles per year this would save you £562 over three years.

  • Fewer accident claims

    For each ‘accident’ in your company fleet, the average ‘bent metal’ cost is around £700, and you would need to add in the cost of ‘down time’ for your vehicles. If your company accident rate is currently at the national average this cost will be incurred by 65% of your fleet.

  • Rising insurance premiums

    • More than 60% of the 3 million company owned vehicles are subject to an insurance claim each year and premiums for occupational drivers are rising by 25% annually.
    • As the NHS now has the power to claim the cost of medical treatment for road accident victims from employers and insurance companies, fleet insurance costs look set to rise even more in the future.
    • Fleet driver training has shown it can reduce accident rates by more than 25%. Insurance companies are increasingly aware of this and could reduce your premiums if you can prove that you have assessed your drivers’ on road risk and provided advanced on road training. Premium reductions can be reduced by up to 25% in the first year rising to 40% after 3 years can be achieved.

Why choose Rio to carry our your fleet driver assessments?

Our team is highly skilled at spotting driver faults. We take thorough notes and help remedy driving issues without patronizing the people we work with.

We have been trusted to work with some large and very well-known clients, such as Scottish and Southern Electricity plc (SSE).

Our own driving instructors have achieved the highest civilian driving awards, such as :-

  • Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction (RoSPA)
  • IAM F1RST (Institute for Advanced Motorists)

We regularly teach other driving instructors (ADI’s) how to do their job better, and also teach advanced driving to the public on behalf of RoSPA and IAM.

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