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17 Nov

Speeding, Country Lanes and Corners

Speed Kills.  It’s the leading cause of death for young people under the age of 24.  Every year, over 200 young people die and nearly 6000 of them are seriously injured. IMAGINE Two and a half Paddington rail disasters a week a Lockerbie air disaster every month. The daily loss of life on our roads is equivalent to…Read More →

21 Sep

Driving Lessons Wednesbury, Driving Test success for Bhupinder!

Do you need driving lessons in Wednesbury?   Bhupinder’s Testimonial: “Kully is a very friendly and experienced driving instructor, who has good teaching techniques.  I would definitely recommend him as he is the reason I passed my driving test first time!”

03 Mar

Driving with Jimi Hendrix!

How good is your driving when you’re being distracted? If you don’t already take your driving lessons with Rio Driving School, then firstly, why not? Secondly, and if you’re doing moc tests in preparation for your actual driving test, does your driving instructor make you drive with the radio or a cd on? We all…Read More →

27 Jan

Why CHEAP driving lessons aren’t CHEAP driving lessons!!

Save yourself a TON of Money and go with a Quality Driving School – here’s why: Naturally, you want a great deal on driving lessons, but make sure cheap driving lessons aren’t cheap because they are worthless!  At Rio Driving School, we hear the same thing all the time: “I went with ‘X’ driving school…Read More →

09 May

Change in UK Drink Driving Law – offenders need medical to get behind wheel again

Drink driving rules tightened to improve road safety Release Date: 02/05/2013 The most dangerous drink drivers will now have to pass a medical before they are allowed back on the roads under a change in the law announced today by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond. The changes, which come into force from 1 June 2013,…Read More →

06 May

Driving Lessons Cannock and Walsall.

Driving Lessons Cannock and Walsall.  We are proud to introduce you to our latest driver trainer, Chris Scott-Douglas. Chris is an expect at teaching novice drivers and anyone who feels nervous or anxious about getting behind the wheel. Chris was carefully selected to join the West Midlands’ Most Loved Driving School. His caring and patient approach to…Read More →

17 Apr

Is 80mph worth it?

There has been a lot of talk by the UK government regarding increasing the National Speed Limit on Motorways to 80mph.  The only outcome in allowing this to happen will be more road incidents involving death or serious injury and a massive increase in fuel spend. The table below illustrates time saved per mile

16 Apr

Stopping Distances and Kinetic Energy

Remember the adverts for 30mph in urban areas?  You may recall the statistics that referred to chance of fatality at 35mph and 40mph.  Do these still hold true? If a vehicle is travelling at 30mph and at a point A is subjected to maximum braking it will stop at point B. If we repeat the…Read More →

26 Mar

Snow Joke! Motorists face fines for driving with snow on car roof!

Driving with snow on your car roof could land you with a £60 fine and three points on your licence. And if you find it hard to believe, check rule 229 of the Highway Code.

12 Mar

Mobile phones and driving don’t mix

Most of us know that it’s unsafe and illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving, but that doesn’t seem to stop people doing it.  It has been against UK law since December 2003.  If you break this law, even if you are otherwise driving safely, you could face a fine of £60 and three…Read More →