If you don’t already take your driving lessons with Rio Driving School, then firstly, why not? Secondly, and if you’re doing mock tests in preparation for your actual driving test, does your driving instructor make you drive with the radio or a cd on?

We all live in the ‘real world’ and sooner or later you’re going to find yourself distracted with things whilst you’re driving.  It is possible that one day you’ll be driving with a screaming baby in the back of your car?  Will the kids always sit there nice and quiet for you?  We seriously doubt it.  What about music?  This can be a huge distraction!  Some music chills you out and some music can actually make you get road rage / drive more aggressively!

In a recent driving lesson with Paul Fisher, Jimi Hendrix was being played so loud in the car that it was difficult to hear the sound of the engine.  This can make braking and gear changes trickier!  You’ve got to understand how to respond to the car by ‘feel’ as well as sound, and you’ve got to stay alert and focused on the road ahead, no matter what’s going on.

At Rio Driving School, we try to adapt our driving lessons so that we can test your driving abilities in a range of specific situations.  If you want to feel safe on the road, then call the West Midland’s Most Loved Driving School.

Coping with distractions whilst driving.
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