Speed Kills.  It’s the leading cause of death for young people under the age of 24.  Every year, over 200 young people die and nearly 6000 of them are seriously injured.


  • Two and a half Paddington rail disasters a week
  • a Lockerbie air disaster every month.

The daily loss of life on our roads is equivalent to these horrifying scenarios. Why isn’t this daily death toll, and its terrible wake of devastated lives and communities, news?

  • 60% of fatal crashes occur on rural roads
  • Speed is the major contributory factor in most of these rural crashes.
  • It’s hardly surprising that 65% of people questioned do not feel safe when walking, cycling or horseback riding along country lanes.
  • Last year, there were 15,000 horse related crashes, many of them involving speeding vehicles.

The video below illustrates the need for specific training on country lanes and sharp bends in the road.

  • Do you understand how to stay safe down country lanes?
  • Do you take in to account the specific performance attributes of the vehicle you’re driving, the conditions of the road (loose gravel, mud, rain water etc), hazard warning signs, road markings (or lack of), limit points?

This video highlights the crucial importance of anticipation, as well as understanding how to use gears and speed effectively when negotiating corners.

Cornering isn’t just about turning the steering wheel

The art of successful cornering is not merely a case of turning the steering wheel, but one that involves a whole range of other factors.
Roadcraft: The Police Driver’s handbook speaks about matching your speed with the limit point – the furthest point at which you can still see the road ahead to be clear.

Of course, selecting the correct gear to go around the bend is crucial so that the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed on all 4 wheels.

Remember: the surface area of each tyre which actually makes contact with the ground is no larger than a CD case.  The tyres should therefore have a good tread (minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm; we recommend at least 3mm).

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