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Mock Driving Test / Driving Assessment | Driving Tutorial

How good would your driving be after a 4 month break…?
This mock driving test / assessment was conducted with Emily, who had not driven at all since Covid-19 lockdown had begun, some 4 months ago. This video highlights how your driving can deteriorate after taking a break. This video is useful for driving instructors, and novice drivers alike. 

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Parallel Park AKA Reverse Park!

Struggling to figure out the Parallel Park? You’re not alone!! In this video we use client-centred learning (CCL) to help our lovely pupil, Rhea, park properly. Watch it now!  This manoeuvre may be chosen by your examiner on the day of your driving test.  It is regarded as one of the hardest to perform; let Rio show you how to do it easy! This is a remedial lesson. Instructor Paul helps learner Rhea perform this manoeuvre properly after she had attempted to learn it from her father. Driving Instructor Training: this is a useful demonstration of how client-centred learning (CCL) is delivered. 

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Limit Point Analysis

Just because you can legally drive fast doesn’t always mean you should! This driving tutorial focuses on a way to accurately judge your speed and gear before entering a corner or bend. Used by Emergency Services and all Advanced Drivers, Limit Point Analysis will give you a method of keeping you much safer on rural roads, or anywhere where the limit of your vision is reduced!

Statistics for Rural Roads, 2018 Fatalities: 1,030 which account for almost 60% of all fatalities! Data: DfT 

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Clutch Made Easy!

The function of the clutch pedal is commonly misunderstood, and therefore leads to all sorts of problems when learning to drive. Watch our short driving lesson tutorial to understand what the clutch actually does and how to use it properly. We make learning the clutch easy!!

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Theory Test (part 1) – our Top Tips to help you pass.
This video covers the most confusing road traffic signs and gives you ways to help you remember them properly.

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Driving Tutorial | Anticipation and Planning Driving

This driving lesson tutorial focuses on three key driving skills: 1. Anticipation 2. Planning 3. Awareness. Identifying potential driving hazards early (anticipation) is crucial to staying safe on the road. The “what if” question should be in your mind all the time. This in-turn will help you plan what to do next on your journey and help you to avoid serious driving problems. With practice, your awareness of potential problems will improve, allowing you to drive with more thought. Defensive driving is a skill we continually improve, day after day, long after you’ve passed your driving test! Remember: a hazard is any potential reason for you to need to change your speed, course or direction. This video is also useful resource for anyone trying to understand the Hazard Perception part of the DVLA Theory Test.  #Anticipation #Planning #Awareness #DrivingTutorial #DrivingLesson #Rio

Driving Test Success – Featherstone Route 1
In this series of videos, we explore driving test routes together.  Our Chief driving instructor will perform a commentary drive.  He will demonstrate the standard that your examiner will be looking for on the day of your driving test.

Driving Test Success – Featherstone Route 2
The second video in our series of driving test demonstration videos.  Our Chief driving instructor demonstrates another potential driving test route around Featherstone and verbalises all the thinking behind every action.  A must watch if you are preparing for a test.

Driving Test Success – Featherstone 3
The third instalment from our series. The route is given to you as well as the actions you need to consider.  Plenty of tips here to help you be successful on the day of your driving test.

Driving Test Success – Featherstone 4
Full commentary driving around a driving test route in Featherstone, Wolverhampton. Includes: * Mirrors and their use * Busy multi-lane roundabouts * Irregular shaped roundabouts – how to position correctly * Roundabouts where lane one is left only. * When to signal, when not to signal * Narrow roads, use of speed and where to look, what to look for * Speed control using engine braking * What to do if vehicle behind you is too close (braking for two) * Avoid rear-end shunts by ‘arriving-to-drive’ * Crossing a dual carriageway * SLOW – what is it? * Observations at junction – the #1 reason for driving test fail * Gear selection at junctions including block changing.

Driving Test Success – Featherstone 5
Are you going to take your practical driving test in Featherstone? This video is the 5th instalment of our ‘Driving Test Success’ series, and details many things you should do to increase your chance of passing first time. This video covers aspects on: * Box Junctions – when you can position inside them * Solid white lines at junctions * Mini roundabouts * Unusual roundabout with a Giveway * Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre (MSM) * Multi-lane roundabouts * Observation links * Economic driving * Planning ahead